Thumpurrs Maine Coon Cats is a small 

hobby cattery. I raise only a few litters per year.

My cattery is housed in a 200 year old Cape located in the seaside town of Westport Massachusetts.

I am about a one hour drive south of Boston and forty five minutes east of Providence Rhode Island.

Contact me at 508 673 3948 for more information.

My name is Arlye Drury and I am the proud owner of Thumpurrs Maine Coons.

I have owned Maine Coons since the mid 1970s but have only recently started breeding them.

Maine Coons are often called the "gentle giants" of the cat world. Males can range from twelve to eighteen pounds and females are usually a little smaller.

Some Maine Coons are polydactyl - they have extra toes! This is a trait I particularly love and try to breed for.

It is a dominant genetic trait which means one parent must be polydactyl. It is also a random trait - sometimes all the kittens have extra toes some of the kittens may, or possibly none of the kittens have the trait.

Some people call the cats with extra toes Hemmingway cats. some call them double pawed and some call them mitten paws - I just call them SPECIAL!!!

   CFF Grand Champion

Pettycats Marlin Purrkins

   (My Darlin' Marlin)

All kittens have two vet visit health checks and  vaccinations,

New kitten owners are responsible for rabies vaccinations and third DRC vaccination.

Kittens will be at least twelve weeks old when they go to their new homes. 

I do not ship at this time.